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US Army Multi Truck Transport

Ready to drive and Deliver Heavy Machines loaded on Multi-Level Trucks in a big beautiful Environment.

Multi Truck Transport –  is a 3d truck driving with multiple interesting and crazy missions.

for starting you just need to move a single Vehicle loaded on your Multi level truck it sounds easy but there is heavy 2-way traffic so you have to be very careful, hitting traffic can cause your loaded vehicle to fall.

in the very next mission, your truck will be loaded with 2 Vehicle, remember every vehicle has a different mass, so it will be adding to your difficulties,

and also loaded with a heavy vehicle turning your truck can b tricky and there is more chance that the Loaded vehicle might fall. which can lead to level failure.

The game will go on with the different types of vehicles including, a Big Army Truck and Different kinds of Army Tanks,  remember all this mass from the loaded vehicle will add up to driving Difficulties. 

Especially during those mission where you have to deliver to a Island Base which is connected to rest of the environment by wooded bridge, that bridge is bit steep so not only there is a chance of fall down in water but also dropping loaded things

Some Basic things this Game has:

. Big and beautiful Environment with heavy traffic

. Multiple Camera systems including Cabin and side mirrors

. Different Control options like Button, Steering, and tilt

.Multiple Music tracks to listen to while you driving