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6x6 Euro Trucker Simulator Fun

How this game is different from other 6x6 off road games,

We bring you 3 customizable  Big 6x6 off-road trucks which can be turned into 6x6 Monster looking Trucks you can change Height and Wheel size in shop menu. Which not only changes its looks but also driving experience of your Trucks.

Lower Hight can give you more stability while higher Hight and Bigger Wheels give you ease of going off road climbing hills and hurdles, Make your own combination of Height and Bigger wheels and enjoy your game play.

Talking about game play, This Game bring you 2 environments 1 is in a huge forest and mountain environment where you main duty is to deliver Different Cargo to Destinations in different levels.

For example 

In 1 Cargo Level you are just asked to move some boxes using you Big 6x6 truck (tuned as 6x6 monster truck).

But in next level difficulties increase and you will find some hurdle in the way, like truck fell down

In a way and all tree fell down from it.

As you go in next levels you will find more and more enjoyable during experience and difficulties around you, stuck in mud and water and higher and higher grounds

!! 6x6 Offroad Truck simulator and fun  contains more then 20 levels !! With 2 different environments

Talking about other environment its not just a jungle environment its full of fun activities like jumping,

Climbing, collecting points.

You will get experience the drive like no other in specially modified trucks, as you drive in Fun mode you will collect point doing stunts and hitting object, but you also loss point if you hit hurdles.

Is that enough for fun? 

NO, right we added AI blessed opponent, which will hunt you for your points, we didn’t added timer so you can enjoy your game as long as you want.

Features :

- Huge open world  mountains and forests

- Realistic 6x6 driving simulator and fun mode

- High quality 6x6 vehicles

- Dynamic camera angles, control any angle!

- Easy to play driving controls, use touch, wheel and tilt controls!