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Oil Tanker Heavy Truck Sim

Welcome to our new offroad oil Heavy Truck Sim. In this truck simulation game, you will enjoy the thrill of offroad driving like a heavy truck driver avoiding traffic and other hurdles, you have to go to higher ground to deliver Oil to remote areas.

Oil Tanker Heavy Truck Sim

Heavy Oil Truck Driving Simulator 3D is packed with big uphill uphil off-road transport adventures. Become a heavy truck driver transporter, test your skills at driving and avoid the traffic truck games.

What this game has on different levels:
Driving your Truck with Oil Tanker attacked it. You can change your viewing angles by swiping your finger
Press the camera button and change your view of the Truck, from Inside, Far behind, and top-down
Next Levels you have to drive higher with different Cargo to transport like Trees log, Big Heavy Boxes.
As you reach above the 3 levels you will have to drive on Narrow roads Cameras angles can help you to see your road. Some old trailer needed to move down back to the base.

Oil Tanker Heavy Truck Sim Features:

- Uphill Mountain is narrow and wide with some tunnels 3D environment
- Multiple Trucks and trailers
- Different Camera Angles
- Different Music Tracks
- Different Driving Controls, Arrow Buttons, Tilt, Steering Wheels
- - Tricky and dangerous truck driving